Workforce Health

Preventive Care in Your Work Environments

Keeping your employees safe is our priority. With Advocate Aurora’s Workforce Health program, we’ll help you create safer, more efficient work environments no matter where your team is working.

Early measures can make the difference between a minor issue and an injury. That’s why we’ve adapted office ergonomic assessment to be delivered virtually to effectively evaluate remote, hybrid and in-office workstations.

As your partner, we’ll work with you on injury prevention, early intervention and return-to-work programs designed to help keep your employees well and reduce work-related injuries. After all, the least costly injury is the one that never occurs.

Virtual Services

Creating a safer, healthier work environment is now as close as your digital device. Using secure virtual technology, our workforce health specialists can deliver expert site assessments, practical solutions and training options.

Our customized assessments offer recommendations on more ideal work positions, stretches to boost healthy circulation and ways to use household items to provide support when sitting.  

Whether in the workplace, at home or a hybrid office, this assessment provides the convenience and safety of connecting securely and engaging your workers to work well and feel supported.

Private consultations are available for:

  • Office ergonomic assessments
  • Industrial ergonomic assessments
  • Job coaching
  • Worker exercise program
  • Customized educational sessions

Injury Prevention

Keeping your employees healthy and your workplace safe is no accident. Designing a workstation to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer repetitive motions, and better functional mechanics makes the work environment more efficient and significantly reduces or eliminates the exposure to risk factors.

Services we offer to help prevent injuries include:

  • Pre-placement, post-offer functional testing (PPFT): Evaluates a candidate’s ability to perform essential job functions.
  • Ergonomic analysis for office and industrial settings: Assesses the work environment for design and processes. If needed, we’ll provide practical solutions to maximize efficiency and safety.
  • Worksite stretching/movement program: Helps lower the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by reducing fatigue and improving muscular balance, posture and flexibility.
  • Workforce health education and training: Encourages healthy work practices including proper body mechanics, postures and lifting techniques.

Early Intervention

Proactively addressing musculoskeletal issues related to job function or environment can be the difference between a minor concern and a recordable injury resulting in time off work, medical intervention or impairment.

Our workforce coaching helps evaluate workstation setups and job-related body mechanics.

We also offer on-site workplace rounding to address issues, make changes in workplace factors and reinforce healthy work practices.


Despite the best of intentions, sometimes accidents and injuries occur. When they do, we’re here to carefully “fast track” your employees back to full-duty work or maximum functional capacity.

Our customized treatment plans have proven to be cost efficient and time effective. These plans include:

  • Personalized physical therapy: Our therapy program is tailored to an employee’s injury and designed to improve strength and endurance while incorporating activities that replicate job functions.
  • Functional capacity evaluations: We identify work capabilities, return-to-work status and validate consistency of effort.
  • Workforce health program: This program is designed to bridge the gap between an injured worker’s capabilities and full-duty work demands, including assessment and progression to address work tolerances, pace, endurance, strength, mobility and work behaviors.