Keeping EmployeesHealthy

Helping You Promote a Healthy Workplace

We’ll help to create a health care solution tailored to your workforce that will improve your employees’ health.
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With our fully integrated health care system, your employees will have care coordination between their primary care providers, specialists, lab services, inpatient and hospital services, pharmacies, and home health services. These are all linked through one electronic health record that provides a complete picture of their treatment plan.

Your employees will receive support from our care management team to get the health care services they need based on their personalized risk profile.

Our comprehensive approach has created measurable results, including improved health status and reduction in out-of-network utilization, emergency visits and inpatient stays.

Employers, take advantage of a variety of solutions to help you maintain and improve the health and wellness of your employees.

Total wellness goes beyond just the physical aspects of health. The Advocate Aurora EAP will help support employees’ mental, emotional and behavioral health, and aid in promoting a healthy work/life balance.

The Employer Clinic provides primary and preventive care services to employees through access to an advanced practice provider at the workplace. This makes treatment convenient, which results in a healthier, more productive workforce.

We offer a variety of work-site wellness strategies that will help keep your employees healthy. We start by considering your company’s unique culture and what will be necessary to engage your employees. Then we customize a program that meets your employees’ needs and produces results.

Advocate Aurora Occupational Health Services offers a comprehensive program to prevent problems, manage outcomes, comply with regulations and ensure the continuing good health and productivity of your employees. The result is innovative solutions for a healthier, safe workforce and increased productivity for your business.

The Advocate Aurora Executive Health Program offers your top management a premier, customized health care experience. Our four-part process includes a medical evaluation, diagnostic testing, risk factor assessment and lifestyle management.